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Ткацкий станок

  • RJW851 Ткацкий станок
  • RJW851 Ткацкий станок
RJW851 Ткацкий станокRJW851 Ткацкий станок

RJW851 Ткацкий станок

Main feature:
RJW851 designed, base on RJW821 series water-jet loom, which is optimizing the main component and frame structure, improving the beating-up, let-off mechanism and take up mechanism, installing assistant device on let-off mechanism,all of this ensure the running stably and reduce vibration and noise, increase effciency and enlarge the weaving range.
RJW851 designed a more robust fabric support structure and a take-up roller structure that is more tensile and more resistant to fabric slippage. The stable warp opening not only reduces the marks of various fabric and makes high-tension high-weft fabric easier to weave.
◆ Optional: mechanical let-off, mechanical take up, electronic let-off, electronic take up
◆ Optional: RDP mechanical measuring & storage device, 1-6 nozzle electronic weft selecting freely
◆ Configurable shedding devices:crank shedding; cam shedding; dobby shedding; jacquard
◆ Optional reed width:135,150,170,190,210,230,260,280,300,320,340,360CM
◆ The weft density range:4-100 pick/cm(identified according to actual weft yarn specifications and fabric weave)
◆ Maximum speed :900RPM (ldentified according to actual weft yam specifications and fabric weave)
◆ Heald frame number.crank shedding 2-8 pieces; cam shedding 2-14 pieces;dobby shedding 16 pieces
◆ Instal power:1.5kw-5.4kw