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In January 2000, the first batch of RJW851 heavy weight water-jet looms came out of the assembly line;
In April 2000, the first double-pump double-nozzle water jet loom was on the market;
In June 2000, the double-pump three-nozzle heavy water-jet looms were successfully brought into market;
In October 2000, the independent research and development of FA201B,FA219A andFA239A series of carding machine successfully passed the indentification and put on the market;
In April 2002, 3.6 meters ultra-wide looms water jet looms were born;
In June 2006, water jet jacquard looms were exported to South Asia;
In May 2008, the 408 series water jet looms were successfully developed;
In August 2008, super-wide double beam series water jet looms got hot selling in the market;
In February 2009, double-pump,four-nozzle series water jet looms got hot selling in the market;
In April 2012, the batching-motion series water jet loom were born;
In March 2015, water jet loom jacquard series were put on the market;
In September 2015, the 411 series water jet looms got hot selling;
In December 2015, the 8100 series water jet looms trial production success;
In November 2016, the 508 model shocked the market and received high praise;
In February 2017, 8100-360 width double-layer lint fabric machine was successfully debugged;
In November 2018, the 5.6-meter ultra wide machine was launched;
In March 2019, intellertual water jet loom was launched.
In February 2019, energy-saving permanent magnet direct drive water jet looms were launched in bulk;
In May 2020, the test of fiberglass specialized water jet loom was successful;
In July 2021, the RJW8122 model was launched on the market, with unique advantages in high-density and ultra-fine weaving;
In April2022, the H7860 new six link high-speed wide width air jet loom was launched on the market;
In May 2023, the first generation intelligent regulation electric water pump loom was launched on the market...