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Water jet loom

  • RJW508 Water jet loom
RJW508 Water jet loom

RJW508 Water jet loom

Main feature:
Robust frame structure;Detached sturdy double-sided box frame which reduces vibration at high-speed operation. Because of this reduces vibration, the weft insertion and beating motion are much more stabilized which keeps fabric quatity high. lt's main drive is contained in an oil bath to achieve stable high-speed operation
Weft insertion methodically at high speed: the weft insertion angle is enlarged by improvement in the beating curve that ensure weft insertion stably for all kinds of chemical fiber materials, as well as the great improvement of unstable situation of shedding and warp yarn tension, ensure weaving the differentiation fabric with high quality
Stable running: the robust frame structure, rigid let off and take up stabilize the loom running and the weaving range is increased from thin to middle-thick fabric, and from low to high density fabric. Even weave fabrics of complicated or unbalanced construction. vibration is low
The optimized Four-bar Beating-up structure on the frame of 508 wallboard machine is designed. The beating-up structure not only moves smoothly, but also vibrates minimally. It is most suitable for weaving and can make the structure durable.
RJW508 uses a more reasonable plunger, pump spring, nozzle, column check valve,so that weft more soft, more stable.improved weft structure, so that the pump life longer, no wear.
RJW508 designed a higher follow-up tension system. Reduced customer concerns about marks.Reduce the breakage of fragile warp yarns. The openings are clearer.  The fabric is of higher quality.The warp beam stabilizer makes the weaving of high tension, high latitude weave fabric more stable.
RJW508 designed a more robust fabric support structure and a take-up roller structure that is more tensile and more resistant to fabric slippage.The stable warp opening not only reduces the marks of various fabric and makes high-tension high-weft fabric easier to weave.

1.Optional: mechanical let-off,mechanical take up,electronic let-off,electronic take up
2.Optional: 1-6 nozzle electric weft selecting freely.
3.Configurable shedding devices: crank shedding; cam shedding: dobby shedding;jacquard
4.Optional reed width:135,150,179.190,210,230,260,280.300,320,340,360CM
5.The weft density range: 4-100 pick/cm (identified according to actual weft yarn specifications and fabric weave)
6.Maximum speed:  1100RPM (identified according to actual weft yam specifications and fabric weave)
7.Head frame number: crank shedding 2-8 pieces; cam shedding 2-14 pieces; dobby shedding 16 pieces
8.Install power: 1.5kw-5.4kw