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Water jet loom

  • RJW8100 Water jet loom
RJW8100 Water jet loom

RJW8100 Water jet loom

Main feature:
1.use short stroke to beat the weft, adapt to high-speed weaving, and reduce the damage of reed to fabric
2.from the mouth to shorten the fabric fabric take-up roller thorn cloth length, reduce the spring back, improve the stability of the textile export;
3.rack increase longitudinal support, improve rack stability;
4.eccentric shaft structure, reducing vibration beating
5.1-4 color crank opening or crank 6 linkage configuration;
6.stable beam tension structure of negative slack;
7.line of position to reduce the height of 40mm, which not only reduces the loom focus, improve the stability and easy operation;

Always regard high speed performance as the basic mission of water jet looms. The RJ8100" takes
advantage of the strong frame structure, the more stable weft insertion performance, the reasonable opening
and beating up mechanism, and so on.
Through the strong frame structure, the strengthening of the warp and shorten the weaving cloth before the road, greatly enhance the beating up performance, high speed.
"Rj8100" is developed with the goal of simple operation. It reduces the position line and improves the operation simplicity.
It is possible to stabilize weaving by shortening the weaving path.  Fabrics from thin to coarse yarn, from narrow to wide, and even unbalanced fabric, are expected to correspond to a wider range of woven products.
By shortening the nozzle spacing, the difference of the weft insertion state between the first nozzle and the second nozzle is also very small. Even if the loom runs at high speed, uniform weft insertion can be achieved.