Air jet loom

  • RJA860 Air jet loom
RJA860 Air jet loom

RJA860 Air jet loom

Main feature:
1.RJA860 air-jet loom, the design compact structure, convenient user operations.
2.The beating-up mechanism with eccentric beating-up shaft structure, beating-up force is big, small vibration. adapt to high speed weaving, also have good adaptability to high weaving high-density fabric.
3.Vice spray using yituo structure, reduce nozzle injection time, through to the nozzle jet the precise control of time, further reduce gas consumption.
4.A narrow loom USES four linkage beating-up. adapt to high speed weaving. Wide loom, increase 6 linkage beating-up weft insertion time, accelerates a weft yarn under the condition of low pressure, and not pushed out weft weaving to achieve stability.
5.The electronic let-off and electronic take-up, with functions of automatic search weft, eliminate the stop marks and variable weft density weaving, and other functions.
6.Open form, the optional crank openings, underneath type CAM and underneath type dobby and jacquard openings.

Electronic lef-off
To detect the total inspection of warp yarns through tension sensor. the CPU handles the change of warp yarns tension caused by shedding or relax warp, let-off, take-up's change of warp beam, and instructs the servo motor to drive warp beam, thus, this can keep the balanced tension in working procedure and eliminate the secret-mark, ensure the fabric equilibrium &formation. The machine adopts rigidity frame, warp beam gear with large diameter and positive relax warp driving shaft which is built-in oil bath. which makes the weaving machine future to realize high speed and can be more sensitive to adapt the weaving requirements for high-density fabrics.
Take-up device
We adopt two forms of take-up: mechanical continuous take-up and electronic take-up. It is very effective to prevent the stop-mark to combine with electronic let-off by accurate forwarder and reverse.
Double probe feeler
Double probe feeler, it is not only to discovery short or bending weft. but also to find the weft which was blowed , thus to ensure foolproof.